Fish Facts : saratoga

Southern Saratoga are reported to grow to 90 cm (4 kg) but are more commonly caught at 50 cm to 60 cm.  Being a surface-dwelling fish, Saratoga have a almost perfectly flat back with a dorsal fin set back towards the tail of their long, sleek bodies.  Colouration is dark brown to olive green along the back, with lighter sides and a white belly.  Small orange or red dots spot most of the large, bony scales.

The Southern Saratoga is found inland in freshwater creeks and lagoons in Central and Southern Queensland.

Saratoga are surviving members of a group of ancient fishes, dating back between 38 and 55 million years, which have bony tongues.  Female Saratoga incubate their eggs in their mouths. Saratoga are excellent sport fish but are not good eating. Saratoga can be caught by both lure and fly casting.

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