About Peter Faust Dam

Si meliora dies, ut vina, poemata reddit, scire velim, chartis pretium quotus arroget annus. scriptor abhinc annos centum qui decidit, inter perfectos veteresque referri debet an inter vilis atque novos? Excludat iurgia finis, "Est vetus atque probus, centum qui perficit annos." Quid, qui deperiit minor uno mense vel anno, inter quos referendus erit? Veteresne poetas, an quos et praesens et postera respuat aetas? 

"Iste quidem veteres inter ponetur honeste, qui vel mense brevi vel toto est iunior anno." Utor permisso, caudaeque pilos ut equinae paulatim vello unum,


Guest Comments...

Hi Colin and Lesley,

I would just like to thank you both for your kind hospitality with my charter on Wednesday.

You both clearly have the client in mind and your attitude to your business is very gratifying.

I appreciate the fact that you went out of your way to make this work for me.

Whilst we did not reap the rewards of our labour, your knowledge of the dam and your passion for fishing and determination to satisfy your client was clearly displayed.

Your personality is that suited to your craft.

It was a pleasure to meet and learn a little about you, and share some of your experiences that you have experienced over the ten years that you have been chasing these great fish over the expanse of the dam.

I would have no hesitation in recommending your business to other keen anglers.

I thank you both again for an enjoyable morning of fishing and I will no doubt catch up with you in the future.

With Thanks

Craig Toole