Fish Facts : sooty grunter

A stocky fish known to grow to 50 cm (4 kg) but are more commonly caught at 25 cm (0.4 kg).  In Peter Faust Dam catches have been reported at 60 cm in length, with more common catches of between 35 cm to 55 cm.  Colouration varies from dark brown to sooty black (hence the name), to various shades of brown to gold.  Some fish have irregular patches of gold on a dark body.

The Sooty Grunter's natural range is in northern Queensland freshwaters throughout the Gulf of Carpentaria and in north-east coastal systems.  They prefer rivers with clear flowing water and a sandy or rocky substrate, but have a wide range of environmental tolerance.

Sooty Grunter are not considered a good eating fish and should be released.  They are a great sports fish and are caught on both fly and lure.


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